Gemstones, matched by size, color, style cut and the general appearance
Creations of various artists in the "Carving" style
Gemstones at discounted prices
Gemstones of the collection purposes only. Rare and unique pieces of dual purpose gemstones (can be used in jewelry)
Faceted stones and crystals with inclusions, typical and unusual, with inclusions, suggestive of a particular method of treatment, or the lack of treatment. Gemtones for collectors, photographers of microinclusions, professionals and students, as well as for hobbist and amateurs, independently studying gemology.
Lots of gemstones can be composed with gems of different cuts, different colors and sizes
Pairs of gemstones for jewelry, matched in color, size, type of cutting and general appearance. On request pairs may be picked up and matched from the range of single gemstones.
Collectible mineralogical specimens and samples, suitable for cutting into gems.
Single gemstones are unique and can not be repeated for the second time order
Reference #
Stone name
Price (USD)
Size (MM)
Weight (CTS)
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