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We offer you pass registration process if you are planing to return. After some quantity of your orders or by some other reason we can add discount into records in your account. You will see then 2 prices, basic and discounted.

How to buy:

1. Choose gemstone(s) or/and jewelry you would like to buy or order.

2. Specify quantity (available quantity shown in the description)

3. Click button " Add to cart"

4. You can add multiple items to the cart - keep adding one by one.

5. After all items you wanted are in the cart, click button " View cart", located above the search bar.

6. Fill out the order form completely, including preferred shipping and payment methods.

7. Press button " Pay"

You will receive an automated e-mailed confirmation - invoice. Please note that only Canadian buyers will be charged for standard selling TAX depends on location (Province)

All orders can be shipped by:

Registered mail*, $7.5-$25 + 1% of total cost of order (shipment insurance)
EMS**, $35-$60 + 1% of total cost of order (shipment insurance)
FEDEX***, $90-$120 + 1% of total cost of order (shipment insurance)

Please note: Stones in your order may be from different locations. Most of inventory located in Thailand and Israel, some stones may be located in Canada, USA, Polnad and  Ukrain. Under the source "Portable Exposition" you can see the current collection which is traveling from local mineral/gem show to local mineral/gem show in different countries of West and East Europe and some Asian countries. In case of ordering from different locations we will notify you when billing about double shipment charge.

Payment options:

Credit card payment by VISA, Master Card, AMEX, Discovery.

After you confirm your order, your card will be pre-authorized and you will receive e-mail confirmation for your payment.

All credit cards charges are being processed using secure service of First Data (USA).

- Bank transfer (TT) (available with no fees for orders > $400; for orders < $400 additional fee $15 will be applied)

All information needed for Wire Transaction will be included in your order confirmation - invoice. Wire transfer usually take between 1 to 3 days to clear. 

- Money Order, Cheque 

Address to send money order and cheque should be requested and will be included in your order confirmation - invoice. Paying by cheque typically delays your order for up to 15 days. We accept only certified checks.

Please note: we have a few points of sells, and even we work hardly to keep trucking of our on-line inventory updated still some conclusions may happened when order is being placed on-line. There is main reason why we have set our automated payment processing of credit/debit cards charges only as Pre-Authorization. When you press button "Pay" funds are not withdrawn from your card associated account immediately. Pre Authorization will be complete to final charge after we confirm availability of ordered gemstones, otherwise Pre Authorization will expire and funds will be free form hold on your card account. Usually it takes from 3 to 7 days depends on your bank card issuer roles and regulations.

Registered mail - excellent fast service to the U.K. and acceptable service for France. Very slow to U.S.A! (15 - 35 days). Registered mail to Europe seems to be more reliable than to the USA. If you are concerned about VAT or customs formalities at your destination this is a good option. Registered mail is rarely inspected and parcels are most likely to be delivered without any additional imposition of fees by your government. Signature upon delivery is required. Registered mail can be shipped to P.O. Boxes or FPO/APO. For USA we suggest Fed Ex for safety, speed, and value. 

** EMS - 4-9 business days worldwide. No Sunday delivery. Online tracking is not available for this option. Fed Ex is faster and well worth the extra $5.00 because of the superior tracking system. Signature upon delivery is required. Select this option if you require shipment to a P.O. Box or if your prefer Express Mail for some other reason. Not recommended for U.K. or France.

*** FEDEX - recommended for U.S.A. and many other destinations. 3-4 Business days worldwide No Sunday delivery. Signature upon delivery is required. Parcels can be tracked online at every step. Cannot be shipped to P.O. Boxes or FPO/APO. Not recommended for U.K., France, or Russia where your shipment may be subjected to taxes and extra customs clearance charges.


Please feel free to send us any questions using CONTACTS page.

You can reach us also:


Phone: +1 514 7014488 (8am - 8pm; GMT -4)

Skype: Gemstoneskiosk




Kirill Gubarev


Phone: +380955561771



Lukasz Miller


Phone:  +48537116727


Portable Exposition:

Alexander Aleksentsev


Phone: +79885522748


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